EXOUS Bodygear is a brand focused on producing products that make a difference, look good and serve a purpose, we spend a lot of time working with fitness professionals, athletes and physio’s and also the consumers themselves to get feedback, ideas, testing and really listen to what design features are lacking or where areas can be improved for consumer fitness and health products.

Our first product is the EX-701 Knee support, it defines what EXOUS Bodygear is all about, creating a product that is unique, different and meeting a requirement in the market that is needed but at a reasonable price.

We currently sell exclusively through amazon because we know that it is a trusted site with super customer service and delivery options.  You can rest assured that our interaction towards our customers is second to none, we answer our emails within 24hours and if a customer has a concern or a question about our products we answer these on the amazon platform within 4 hours 7 days a week.

If you are not satisfied with any of our products we ask you to contact us directly on support@exousbodygear.com.  and we will look after you directly rather than through amazon

What’s coming in 2017…

After extending our portfolio of products with our top rated performance knee sleeves ideal for all strength wand conditioning workouts and especially the popular cross fit type training and also our 15-20mmhg rated calf compression sleeves towards the end of 2016. In 2017 we are launching more accessories to our amazon store front.  These include the tennis elbow brace support, a new ergonomic barbell squat pad and more products in the bracing and body support area.

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