EXOUS Bodygear Calf compression sleeves are the perfect accessory for your exercise needs. Designed to be used during exercise and also post exercise for improving recovery and reducing fatigue and post-exercise muscle soreness.  Made with super lightweight Nylon and Spandex material which gives incredible breathability moisture wicking properties and all day comfort.  the Compression calf sleeves are engineered specifically to have 20mmHG compression at the bottom of the sleeves and 15mmHG of compression at the top.  This allows the sleeves to aid improving circulation to the body in the natural flow back to the heart. 

Calf Sleeves With 15-20mmHG Compression 

Choose our calf compression sleeves with a medium gradient of 15mmhg – 20mmhg of compression which is not too strong and not to light – it’s a perfect level of compression for a number of different uses.  The lightweight nature of the fabric will literally make you feel as if you are wearing nothing, the benefit if superior comfort without the need to feel you have to take them off.

Being breathable they will not carry excess sweat and your skin will be less prone to rash or sweat irritation.

Great results being reported with hundreds of positive reviews in use from recovery from workouts, shin splint treatment, and pain reduction, dvt uses, help in circulation during pregnancy and of course injury prevention and overall calf support

come in three sizes:





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Using calf compression can help in the following ways:

  • Improved muscle readiness & warming up from improved circulation and heat retention locally on the muscle
  • Increased Support around calves – The compression along the calf helps support the muscles being exercised
  • Improved blood flow and circulation – through the graduated compression more oxygen-rich blood is pumped through muscle
  • Reduced effects of DOMS – delayed onset of muscle soreness.  A common occurrence after heavy workout where waste build up lactic acid and other water product causes the muscle soreness.  The graduation effect helps flush the toxins out quicker with the support the muscles are rejuvenated faster.
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