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The EX-277 Knee sleeve is a performance range product made for serious athletes and sports people looking for the best protection during their training, sport or competition. Made from High-grade premium SCR Neoprene it has a distinct thick 7mm feel over weaker regular SBR neoprene.  Made with the athlete and serious trainer in mind it comes in at 27cm in length approximately 2cm (0.7″) longer than regular generic knee sleeves giving more protection around the knee joint with the added benefit of staying in place better.  Those of you who love using knee sleeves for weight training and squatting will love the high-quality thickness and material along with that extra length.


Note* The EX-277 knee sleeve comes as a pair with a 12 month warranty should you have any issues with it’s performance simply contact us through our support email and we will take care of you!

amazon knee sleeve review
1. Highest quality 7mm thick SCR neoprene knee sleeve

Neoprene comes in different grades and quality, cheap generic knee sleeves or neoprene knee supports often use a lower tensile strength SBR neoprene, these have poorer stretch characteristics and are not as durable, they tear more easily than the SCR-grade neoprene which is what we have used in our crossfit knee sleeves. When you try them on you will instantly notice a  thick high-quality material that will help protect your knee joint through your chosen exercise or workout.

The 7mm thick neoprene gives excellent knee compression especially for use in weight training and power exercises such as dead lifts, leg press and of course squats.  You can use the EX-277 compression knee sleeves for all sports where knee protection is wanted, basketball, running, wrestling, cross fit and all power and strength sports.

The EX-277  knee sleeves come as a pair with a 12-month warranty, if they let you down or fail with regular use we will honor replacement set as long as you have your purchase details. We sell these exclusively through and amazon Europe so you know you can get PRIME fast delivery

3. Over 6 sizes for the perfect fit men and women

It doesn’t matter if your male or female with small legs or very muscular larger ones we have 6 sizes to choose from to give you the best fit. Our unique colorway is a stylish black on black with a white piping down the side setting it apart from the other generic mee too knee sleeves on the market. The powerlifting knee sleeves will suit both men and women and go with any kit you wear.  When choosing the right size you have to take into consideration a few factors:

  • How tight do you want the compression? A really tight fit gives an increased hydrostatic pressure and is often sought after for getting a rebound effect out of a deep squat.
  • If you have disproportionate upper thigh size in terms of bigger development than your calves or knee structure you will most definitely need to size up
  • If you want the to do more active sports and running a normal fit not too tight will be desired for better comfort.
  • see the size guide below
  • Sizes available : XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL
2. Extra long by 2cm (0.7″) means more knee protection & better fit

We tested a bunch of what we call generic knee sleeves on sale online and in the stores, these aren’t cheap some brands charging upwards of $45 + tax for a pair of sub-par knee support sleeves in our opinion using the inferior SBR neoprene with similar colorways and design they don’t even look any different!

We asked athletes and especially strength individual who like using knee sleeves for squatting, what would nake a difference and they said: “a little more length so they protect more of the knee and stay put better during workouts”.   Too many complaints from consumers and testers saying that the current knee sleeves fro weight training on the market are too short and need to be adjusted way too often amidst a workout.

You asked we listened and we are happy to do what was demanded.  The EX-277 are just that little bit longer yep 2cm or 0.7″ may not sound like a lot but it makes  all the difference especially when it comes to staying in place and having a smoother workout with more knee compression being acheived.


4. The EX-277 Performance knee sleeve is suitable for the following:
  • Mild ACL tear’s or prophylaxis to injury
  • MCL and LCL ligament mild sprains
  • Weak Knees
  • Arthritic knee conditions
  • Prevention of further injury in sport and recreation
  • Perfect for use as knee sleeves for squatting
  • Ideal for use as crossfit knee sleeves
  • Knee sleeves for basketball
  • Top rated amazon knee sleeves
  • And all other power and strength sports that knee compression is required.
  • To help as a mild knee brace for painful knees
  • Works great with the performance weight lifting belt for women & 
  • Performance lifting belt for men 

Check the size guide opposite —–>

As you know it’s a common accepted practice when choosing a knee sleeve to consider your proportions of the upper thigh. If you are heavily developed you will definitely need to size up.  If you are normal proportions the reference guide should serve you well for a good fit.  Similarily if you want an extra tight fit for more knee compression then think about sizing down for your knee circumference shown.

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