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With over 1100+ positive reviews on the amazon market place we are confident this knee brace is the best in it’s class for the money. Please see our amazon reviews over 700+ positive reviews on the marketplace and 450+ 5 star reviews on  We have the highest rated knee brace from consumer feedback because of the unique design and function of the EX-701 knee brace

See why Our unique EX-701 knee support brace is the only knee support you need.

Made from the ground up after analyzing all of the current market offerings for knee stabilization and support.

The EX-701 is suitable for a range of knee problems; from mild knee sprains, to post-surgery injury recovery.  The feature set is designed to eliminate common complaints such as:

slipping down, irritation, and quite simply not working enough to provide ‘functional support’.

Read on and see why we have over 1100  5 star reviews across and……….

Key Features of the EX-701 Knee brace support that make real world difference to knee pain support

Our unique 4-way strap system gives a support to the knee that is unlike any other knee brace.  The secret is in the way the design allows for each individual strap to be adjusted to your individual support needs, the larger anchoring straps above and below the knee work with two cross over straps which isolate ethe patella.  The result is a ‘cocoon’ style bracing effect giving a sense of secure and confident support from every angle like an envelope.

Double lateral and medial stabilizers support injured ligaments on both the inside and outside of the knee.  Twisted knees, sprained ligaments will need extra protection and support as the ligaments take a long time to heal due to poor blood flow.  You can use the EX-701 to help in rehabilitation after injury and some minor surgery and also in sports where preventative protection is needed such as skiing , basketball , tennis and many other sports

The most annoying and common problem with most ‘generic’ knee supports is that they do not stay in place even after a few steps walking.  Our Unique 4-way strap gives a true non-slip fit, it will stay in place even during a lengthy run.  This is because of the two larger straps which anchor the knee brace on the thigh and the calf then the two cross over straps create a snug fit which will never move. What good is a support if it doesn’t stay in place?  Read our extensive reviews on amazon to see how well it works

SSV stands for super strong velcro.  We tested the EX-701 with other knee supports in it’s class we found that the velcro was not strong enough and withered over time, our velcro fastening is strong enough to hold a 35lb weight without losing its fixing, so no you do not have to worry about the brace losing its fitting when you need it most.  We also added premium velcro thick tabs which will never curl up over time and lose their function

Another really frustrating issue with most 3-strap generic braces is the amount of excess neoprene material that literally piles up at the back of the knee, this causes a lot of overheating potential rash and excess heat resulting to sweating.  Not only that but it also stops flexion of the knee to 90 degrees making it very cumbersome and difficult to wear.  The EX-710 has a built-in 2cm comfort gap eliminating all the above and giving pure comfort and function like no other support


To finish of the feature set we thought about sensitive skin and if you wear a knee support for many hours of the day a lot of sweating and heat can occur and that means potentially getting skin irritation and heat rashes which again make wearing a knee brace when you depend on it difficult.  So we lined the knee brace n the inside with skin friendly jacquard lycra which is the same material undergarments are made of for great wearability all day


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This video shows the features compared to typical 3-strap generic knee braces so you can see how the features can benefit you

This video shows why the EX-701 is perfect for active people and those needing a quality support during sports and exercise

This video shows how you can target any patella pain and swelling thanks to the cross-over straps which isolate the knee cap

This video shows the maximum measurements so that you can properly fit into the knee support and how to fit it comfortably

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