The Performance Exoball is our 65cm swiss exercise ball made from premium grade 1200g (42oz) heavy weight non-toxic PVC with an included hand pump and exclusive online access to 60 minutes of core training videos from a two time Olympic athlete read on to see why this is the best value and quality exercise ball for home use……

Package includes:

  • 65cm Exercise ball
  • 2-way hand pump
  • Professional core training videos ( online access)

Why choose our 65cm exercise ball over the rest?

1. Premium high grade non-slip heavyweight PVC 


We went out of the way to source the best quality materials to make sure the exercise ball felt it was made with a high-quality feel.  You may think what’s the big deal aren’t;t all the exercise swiss balls all the same?

 Absolutely not!  When we say premium heavy weight we mean the overall feel and thickness of the PVC is far superior than cheaper examples.  This means confidence in using the product and reliability fro all functional core exercises.

We also used a PVC that is non-slip in nature.  If you have ever used some exercise balls that feel unstable or they are going to slip under your feet on wooden or slippery surfaces this is not an uncommon concern.  

The exoball will stick in place no matter where or what you use the ball on, wooden surfaces, gym halls, and varnished floors all good for the grip!

amazon swiss ball

2. Eco-friendly Heavy metal ion free and 6P Free 

Again we wanted to go the extra mile and think about toxicity and the environment, more research and people are being concerned with excess toxins in everyday products, the most common concerns are of phthalates.

When we say we are 6P free we mean the 6 most common phthalates in plastic materials our SGS testing confirms the exercise ball is free from the following phthalates:


We also have no heavy metal ions present in the material.  

The product is safe to use in pregnancy as a birthing ball and for health conscious individuals.

amazon swiss ball

  3. Professional core training videos straight to your smart phone/ computer 

We are proud to have wrapped up so much quality and value already and to make this product stand out even more we have added a high quality 60-minute online video training with a 2-time Olympic Athlete – Nick Buckfield.  He was world ranked in the top 5 and has multiple British titles and has competed at the highest level in the sport.

One can argue the core stability needed for the pole vault is a high as it comes for any sport.  In the videos Nick goes through beginer to advanced exercises so you can get the most beneficial exercises straight out of the box!  Not just core and balance work but also how you can use improve your muscle tone and posterior chain, glutes, rehab for shoulders and much more.

This free bonus gives you the maximum value and correct techniques for safe and effective workouts!



amazon swiss ball

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