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The performance Elbow strap has been made to help pain relief from lateral epicondylitis (tennis or golfers Elbow) to the highest standard with deep 1/4″ thick EVA foam padding to really put a good amount of compression and pressure on the affected or injured area around the elbow see more below on why this is the best choice for any tennis elbow or lateral epicondylitis symptoms.

Different by Design 

See the video opposite for a real hands-on insight that brings to life two real key features about the performance elbow brace:

1. The use of a firm density EVA foam as the pressure pad which helps reduce the pain and symptoms of lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow).  Typical counter force tennis elbow braces use a soft gel or silicon pad which has no rebound and cannot help with pain reduction.

2. We have used a dual velcro strap adjustment design – This again created a much better-targeted application of the bracing effect which then in terms reduces pain associated with the injured area. Single strap designs cause way too much torque and almost cut off blood supply as they need extra tension to create a good pressure point.

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Dependable Pain Control During Exercise

The performance elbow strap gives you dependable support even during exercise and intense workouts.

 We know ‘tennis elbow’ isn’t just about repetive strain injuries during raquet sports, but at the same time exercise-related pain is a big proportion of presentations.

The Design of the brace makes sure that even comfortable pressure is applied to the target area, which allows freedom of movement and no constriction on blood flow which is essential as any discomfort can affect your ability to perform.

We are confident this is the best lateral epicondylitis  tennis elbow support brace you can get for the money. Over 150 amazing reviews on and 

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