weight belt women
weight lifting belt review - women

The Performance weight lifting belt

different by design ……..

So exactly what is so different about ur weight lifting belt over all the other synthetic weight belts on the market?  Well, most belts are made from a flimsy neoprene/nylon mix, at best they may have paper like card stiffness to them which you can crush in one hand!  Plus they rely on torsion and torque created by how tight you fit the belt forcing the buckle and velcro to overload.  This causes a couple of issues, the excess tightening will feel uncomfortable, making it harder to breathe as well as perform serious lifts secondly, the buckle and velcro fail often too soon due to the stress put on this design. Of course did we mention you get nearly no of loading back support?!

What if you could get the support of a quality leather belt but with the lightness and comfort of a synthetic belt?  That is what the performance weight belt is all about……..

weight belt women
weight belt women

Ultra tight solid ‘locked in’ support

contoured especially for the female form

We said it above now let us tell you why you gals will love this belt.  We made this out of a firm EVA + Polyester & PU matrix. So what’s that in English?  Rigid but flexible back support.  It feels like a leather 4-inch belt jacked up tight so your mid-section will not waver side to side. With a flowing contour shape that rides high above the pelvic crest and then sweeps back out again to give a generous 5.5″ lumbar support you will love how snug and tight you can get this weight belt around your core and waist.

The belt relies on it’s firm construction with a velcro fastening rather than pure torsion to create the support you will want when squatting, lunging and working our in various exercises that support is needed.

Flexible, lightweight which makes it easy on the body and can be worn both next to skin or over a sweat shirt as the thin profile will not hinder it’s performance or comfort.  Because it’s so easy to pack it’s no trouble taking it in your kit bag 

lifting belt girls

The Performance belt is contoured to fit around the hips it has a 5.5″ lumber area to maximise the support to the lower back.  The front of the belt has a 4.5″ wide area. This gives a solid base to push your core and transverse abs against which is what created the tight support.

The belt has a rigid and sturdy sensation and excellent sealed constructions so there is no chance of any loose stitching or unraveling around the edges.  The comparison in this video review opposite really highlights what we are talking about when we discuss the level of sturdy support and construction over typical flimsy weight belts. For the serious trainer, this product goes great with our knee sleeves. 

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